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\ MVMNT Café :: Morag Myerscough \\

O cafenea colorata si super fun.

Artistul britanic Morag Myerscough a creat designul MVMNT Café, o cafenea temporata, de tip pop-up Café, care este parte a proiectului de dezvoltarea a zonei industriale Greenwich din Londra, Anglia.

Project Description

It started as an empty corner of our site on Greenwich High Road and Waller Way, just yards from the entrance to Greenwich DLR. Then came some containers, some bright pots of paints and the vision of Morag Myerscough.

An amazing team lead by the Danny Elphick worked tirelessly on the construction of the cafe whilst Morag’s team went about creating a beautiful entrance to the Royal Borough of Greenwich, using the words from ‘Shipping Good’, a poem written for the MVMNT by official Olympic poet Lemn Sissay about Greenwich, on a colourful hoarding down the length of Waller Way.

Then Claire Pritchard from the Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency brought along some helpers for the finishing touches and started to get the cafe in shape for visitors. They will be running the cafe for us, providing passers by with locally sourced, delicious food and drink including homemade vegan-friendly gelato.

And then we opened. All in time for the first day of the London 2012 Olympics where thousands of people are due to pour off the train at Greenwich to enjoy the greatest show on earth. It’s a lovely, warm and welcoming space where we’ll also be hosting weekly poetry and music events in throughout the summer.


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