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Living de Egue & Seta

Egue & Seta have designed the interior of an apartment in Santa Caterina, Spain.


From the Egue & Seta

Throughout history the configuration of the dwelling unit has undergone changes logical evolution of production and social habits of its inhabitants have required. However, this evolution stylistic level, far from being linear, has been punctuated by flashes of great stress or deep nostalgia innovative revisionist. That is why today, once left behind the raging trend futuristic hyper-technological aesthetic and austere silence minimalist turn of the century, to achieve a truly contemporary, has to resort to force to a combination of vernacular elements and traditional, deeply related to the original building, combined with the newest forms of living and inhabiting the space.





lm_230113_09-940x625 lm_230113_13-940x524 lm_230113_15-940x625Designeri – Egue & Seta, Daniel Pérez + Felipe Araujo

Suprfata – 110m2

Zona – Santa Caterina – Borne (Barcelona)

Fotografii – Víctor Hugo  and Mauricio Fuertes


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