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Apartamentul Alinei Cho.

Am preluat, practic, in intregime artocolul de pe siteul Vogue. Ce mi-a atras atentia a fost in primul rand numele de Alina, in combinatie cu Cho… interesant. 🙂

One Colorful Character

This portrait was taken in my living room in front of a Marilyn Minter photograph I bought last year called Blue Shower.Marilyn is a friend and I just love her work.  The piece is huge—about 60 inches by 80 inches—and takes up the entire wall.  It’s so vibrant, it lights up the room.  The dress is by Peter Pilotto, one of my favorite designers.

Pictured: Marilyn Minter,Blue Shower, 2004

Photographed by Claiborne

vogue 1

You already know that Alina Cho, the unmistakable, on-the-go national correspondent for CNN and host of Fashion: Backstage Pass has the job (and the wardrobe) that most girls would die for, but did you also know she had an apartment that might make you a little green with envy, too? In her nearly nine years on the job, Cho has had the unusual opportunity to interview everyone from President Clinton to Justin Bieber. “I just spent the day with U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon,” she says. “It just doesn’t get any better than that.” Nor does it get any better than the tree-filled view from her spacious apartment. “I live in the middle of Manhattan, but I feel as though I am floating above Central Park,” she says. Despite her hectic days and nights, Cho enlisted decorator Bibi Monnahan to put together her home—which was not without its challenges. “Creating a home with real character takes time,” she says. “And I can be impatient.” But, as you will see in our latest installment of APT with LSD (perfectly timed with Fashion Month), the patience and effort paid off in every room—especially when it came to the furniture and art selected, which turned out to be the best part of her process.  “I’m a new collector of contemporary art,” Cho says. “It’s an investment, but it is worth every penny.”

Via Vogue

Interiors Stylist: Chiara de Rege

Fine Dining

This is my dining room.  I just love the green lamps, which I bought at auction on  The Saarinen Tulip table and chairs are classic.  I found the glass sculptures in the foreground and the Curtis Jere Sputnik sculpture in the background at Flair in SoHo.  The photograph was purchased at Holly Hunt.  The black vase is Fornasetti – I got this one at L’Eclaireur in Paris.

Pictured: Renato Freitas,Water Lilies 5, 2006, Courtesy of the artist

Photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank

vogue 5

The Main Attraction

This portrait of me byWill Cotton was a Christmas gift from my parents.  I’ll never forget going to Will’s studio.  He took hundreds of pictures of me wearing various headpieces made of real desserts.  Three months later, this is what arrived.  The chair was bought years ago at a now-shuttered store in SoHo called The Coconut Company.  We had it recovered in this pink fabric.  The Pisces pillow was a birthday gift from my friends, Sarah 

vogue 7

Everyday Elements

This is also from my bedroom.  Peonies are among my favorite flowers, and I love the mirrored side table.  The Venetian candy dish was another gift from my decorator. Over the years, she has given me several but never tells me where she finds them—her little secret.  The “Snake” watch is Bulgari, and I wear it daily.

Photographed by Claiborne Swanson Frank

vogue 8

Drawing on History

This watercolor is one of my most prized possessions.  On the dayPresident Obama was inaugurated, the First Lady wore a dress and matching lace coat byIsabel Toledo.  As soon as we found out Toledo designed the outfit, our CNN crew raced to Ruben and Isabel’s Manhattan home.  After the interview, Ruben painted this for me, signed it, and included a swatch of fabric that was used to make the famed frock.  I had it framed and it now hangs in my bedroom.

Pictured: Watercolor by Ruben Toledo

Photographed by Claiborne

vogue 9

vogue 3

vogue 4

vogue 6

vogue 2


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