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Casa de vacanta in Napa Valley.

„Napa Vineyard house is a contemporary weekend home that is set amongst the vineyards of Napa Valley, California designed by Remick Associates Architecturewhich is a high-end design-build firm. Five couples spent a weekend together in Napa Valley and, after a long day of wine tasting, they decided two days just wasn’t enough. They got to talking about how fantastic it would be to have a vacation home here. One of those people happened to be Nic Ehr, a principal and owner of Remick Associates. The next day it was settled, five of the ten people in the group committed to finding the perfect wine country retreat.

The home they finally settled on turned out to be an unfinished Swiss chalet-style home. A contractor had built it for himself but it never got completed. The lot had junk strewn all over it, as the contractor would work on other remodeling project and bring odd ends home with him and dump them around his property. The residence was purchased and then demolished, and then built in its place, a modern take on a farmhouse. The result was a clean-lined structure punctuated with seven modern gables and spaces for both gathering and privacy. Each couple had a spacious bedroom suite comprised of a sleeping, bathing and relaxation area outfitted with finishes and fixtures that were selected to their taste, which enabled them to create their own private hideaway simply by closing the door.’


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