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Suntem pe strada HENRY SMITH, la numarul 11. Acest minunat apartament se vinde. 🙂

Autumn wind sweeps along the small cozy streets and facades of Saint Knut, tranquility is evident, yet we are only a stone’s throw away from the absolute city. In a quarter of the grander houses from 1904, we are greeted by a beautiful turn of the century apartment building with year-obvious character. A warm, stylish and light-filled atmosphere reflects the entire floor of the hall through the four salons in file spanning corner with a charming view. Bay windows and generous windows provide a great light, high ceilings, beautiful breasts panels, stucco and functioning stove puts together temporally style. Joining herringbone and soft, white wood floors are a nice foundation. The kitchen has the same thought-style floor so consistently does with furnishings in white and charming original pantry in virtually intact. Top class!


Un gând despre „Apartament.

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