Casa din Prerie.

Astazi avem o clasica, o clasica locuinta americana … din prerie. Imi plac detaliile simple care transforma aceasta casa intr-o locuinta. Imaginea ei este una calda, placuta. Gasim aici si un semineu, care mi-a atras atentia. Este centrul vizual al zonei de luat masa si al livingului, care, impreuna functioneaza ca un singur spatiu, sub acoperisul inalt. Decorul cu lemnele pentru foc, aranjate intr-un cadru din perete, asemenea unui tablou, face toti banii. Mi se pare o idee minunata! 🙂

Brush Prairie House

We were called in to furnish the front rooms of this lovely house in southern Washington. The clients had recently moved in, had given away all of their old furniture, and wanted to start from scratch.

A white sectional leather sofa defines the living room area and is architectural in feeling, echoing the white walls that surround it. A buffalo-hide rug and a vintage chair give texture and warmth to the otherwise cool palette.

The dining table is a thirteen-foot-long, five-inch-thick slab of reclaimed acacia wood, with a natural woven chandelier that is similar in color and feeling to the Hans Wegner wishbone chairs that surround the table. The abstract paintings, a series entitled ‘Momentum,’ are vermillion ink on pale grey vellum by Portland artist Heather Watkins.
The den offers a counterpart to the open and airy great room. It is dark, cozy and comfortable with a plush silk-velvet sofa and curtains all in the same shade of deep grey as the walls. The art piece in the den was designed by JHID designer Emily Knudsen and screen-printed here in Portland. It includes dates, initials, and places of significance to the clients.

Featured in:
Natural Home & Garden
Sunset Magazine


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