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/ SKAL + OUVI :: casa setagaya //

'house in setagaya' by SKAL + OUVI, tokyo, japan
all images © syuya amemiya

Va rog sa ma iertati, dar am preferat sa va dau informatia direct de pe siteul sursa, fiindca mi se pare foarte buna explicatia lor. 🙂

on a compact site in tokyo, SKAL and OUVI collaborated on the ‘house of setagaya’, named after the suburb in which it resides. 
being in a dense suburban context, the architects implemented environmental design strategies for improved efficiency.
the form tapers away from the plot line to separate the structure from the neighboring houses, bringing light into the 
ground level. the roof encloses the upper level with low-hanging eaves that block the intense summer sun, while large perforations 
frame balconies to create open-air terraces. windows located on both sides can be opened to allow ample cross ventilation and transforms 
some of the volumes into a natural ‘wind tunnel’. all bedrooms are organized linearly on the upper storey based on their frequency of use, 
eliminating the need for a common hallway. connecting all the rooms from above, the loft can be reached by a small ladder and 
provides supplemental entertainment areas.

the entire residence is a wooden construction, from the structural columns and beams to the floor finishes and surface veneers. negative spaces are converted for extra storage. the exterior perimeter of the plot is lined in saplings that will one day help to visually  isolate the house from the exterior and inject a bit of greenery within the surrounding concrete context. 


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