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\ adoratia OSBului \\


Sitting in the exposed expanse of the Cambridgeshire fens, the Stealth Barn is a bold, simple form, reminiscent of the barn it accompanies. Built as a guest house, studio or meeting place, depending on time of year and workloads: the Stealth Barn is also a retreat, a place of inspiration and enjoyment.

Placed perpendicular to the existing barn, it stands to create and define a slightly more sheltered and casual garden which melts into the fens, a hint at the memory of a former farm yard. Stealth Barn is a sharp black mass – a shadow of the adjacent barn or a silhouette on the horizon. It is a robust exterior wrapped with a restricted palette, devoid of fussy detail, and formed to withstand its exposed position.

The interior inverts this toughness through the use o warmer OSB wrapping fully around the space to form angles reminiscent of the adjacent barns divided with straw bales. It creates an immersive interior landscape.

Proiectul a aparut in The Architect’s Journal.

Imi place in mod deosebit finisajul interior. Este ceva ce nu intalnesti, vorba aia, pe toate strazile. Este ceva ce imi place la modul la care vreau sa imi decorez si eu un spatiu al casei astfel. 🙂 Ce ziceti, pe voi va tenteaza, ce va inspira?

\ Fotografii © Tim Crocker &  Jeremy Phillips. \ dezeen \\


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