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[ stil Bauhaus :: mega luxos ]]

/ Vila contemporana, in stil Bauhaus, de  Pitsou Kedem Architects //

Vila asta splendida se afla in  Haifa, Israel. Un loc in care, se pare, ca oamenii au multi bani! :)) Suprafata casei este de 450 mp. ceea ce dovedeste afirmatia mea de mai jos … iar suprafata terenului pe care este asezata deste de numai 1000 mp. ceea ce inseamna ca nu se dau terenuri asa de usor in acea zona. Cu toate ca proiectul este relativ vechi, proiectarea si constructia sa fiind realizate intre 2008 si 2010, m-am gandit ca se potriveste cu perioada de vara, fiind o locuinta atat de „deshisa” spatiului exterior.

The style celebrated the aesthetics of the machine and was characterized by the uniformity of color and by unassuming and simple finishes and facades. The Contemporary Bauhaus Residence on the Carmeldesigned nearly a century later combines elements that connect contemporary styling with many characteristics of the former Bauhaus era.

The central space around which the house has been designed, acts as a linking point to the various spaces throughout the house; additionally, it provides a view to all of the residence’s different wings, the greenhouse, the courtyard and the pool. In an attempt to make this space more distinctive, the architects have clad the wall with exposed concrete panels and a large library on the wall as a central motif. Natural light floods the living room thus creating movement and dynamism on the central wall. A greenhouse with a single tree (an element of Japanese architecture) separates the living room from the office. Furthermore, the floor plan is covered with an unrestrained roof which appears to be suspended, weightlessly hovering with no apparent means of support. ”The roof frames consolidates the various parts of the structure with the apparent dissociation between the roof and the building thereby creating an impressive, formal dialogue.

/ fotografie © Pitsou Kedem Architects // sursa Pitsou Kedem Architects ///


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