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„Pillowig” is hand made wearable pillow comforting trieness of people in daily lives, enabling users to sleep comfortably whenever and whenever they’d like. When user test is done in public spaces – subway, airplane, library, class room and laundromat, viewers commented: “I would like to have it for my trip.”, “Very funny.” “This is practical, but a laugh, too.” I made 50 limited editions and sold 47 pieces at the exhibition of the work and gained “Pillowig” fans. Two months later fans did a group performance piece at the Old Palace, Seoul.

O descoperire pe care am facut-o pe Facebook si care m-a impresionat intr-un mod interesant. Proiectul pare a fi mai mult de natura sociala decat creativ.

Pillowig // Class: (This project is in the subset of my Independent Study’s project) // 2004
Project Description: A hand made wearable Pillow comforting trieness of people in daily lives. User test done in public spaces – subway, airplane, library, class room, laundromat and a old palace.


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