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[ tabloul in pete :: MARTINA NEHRLING ]]


„Martina Nehrling, a Chicago-based visual artist, is the creator behind this collection of neon paintings. Her paintings are highly inspired by the chaotic nature of life and the many colors that come from it. Her created compositions are an accumulation of multiple brushstrokes for their graphic directness and a highly saturated chroma to emphasize the complexity of color. 

Nehrling is influenced by many things, including the spatial relationships between color and the percussive qualities of music, the clash of beauty and pain experienced in life and the complexity of color.

Via her artist statement, she claims to be “utterly seduced by the formal complexity of color while I revel in its emotive slipperiness and enjoy mining its controversial decorativeness.  The inextricability of these aspects unique to color, continually spurs my engagement.” Martina Nehrling’s elementary paintings convey deep meaning.”

 via dailybuzz

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