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Un exemplu genial de ce poate concepe mintea unui designer! 🙂 Noua ne-a placut enorm de mult ideea! Poate facem ceva asemanator in curand!

„Wooden Textiles” convey a new tactile experience. We are used to experience wood as a hard material; we know the feeling of walking across wooden floors, to touch a wooden tabletop or to feel the bark of a tree. But we usually don’t experience a wooden surface which can be manipulated by touch.
„Wooden Textiles” is a material that is half wood-half textile, between hard and soft, challenging what can be expected from a material or category. It looks and smells familiar but feels strange, as it is able to move and form in unexpected ways.

The processes to transform wood into a flexible wooden surface is its deconstruction into pieces, which are then attached to a textile base. Depending on the geometry and size of the tiles each design shows a different behavior regarding flexibility and mobility. There are various possible applications, for example as floorings, curtains, drapes, plaids, upholstery or parts of furniture.

The lights and cabinets of the „accordion collection” are the result of a collaboration between designer Elisa Strozyk and artist Sebastian Neeb. The combination of wood and textile in an accordion-like folded surface generates a new experience of the material wood.
Using this wooden textile allows a free and sculptural form.


pendant lamp, 85 x 85 x 35 cm
material: wooden textile, steel

The pendant lamp „Miss Maple” is showing the use of a familiar material in an unconventional way. We usually experience wood as a plain surface, but here it is broken down into a grid of triangles. This makes a flexible lampshade which can be transformed manually in three-dimensional ways.
While the lamp generates warm light at night the surface outside becomes more evident with daylight and turns the lamp into sculptural object.


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