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[ în sălbăticie – naust paa aure ]]

Casa din salbaticie mai simplu de atat nu se poate!

naust paa aure deTYIN tegnestue architects, aure kommune, more og romsdal, norvegia

Acesta este locul cu adevarat perfect pentru a ramane cu adevarat singur!

/ norwegian practice TYIN tegnestue architects has sent us images of the recently completed ‘naust paa aure’, a boathouse on the northwest coast of aure kommune in the municipality of møre og romsdal, norway. maintaining the traditional boat and fishing gear storage spaces, this structure replaces a rundown edifice from the 1800s, reusing the original materials to construct the new operable shell. converted for summer recreation, the long facade is comprised of shuttering which can be opened entirely to welcome cooling breezes into the singular interior room. simple steel fittings allow the individual shutters to be swung upward into a canopy of diverse inclinations to shelter the adjacent deck. //

via designboom

/ the building rests upon eight H-profile steel beams and the foundations rest directly upon the bedrock. the norwegian pine cladding is saturated with an environmentally friendly by-product of the sugar-cane industrial process will generate a grey patina with time. repurposing of materials for the concrete walls and footings in addition to a collection of old windows from the client’s farmhouse were implemented to retain the exterior’s historic qualities. inside, walls are surfaced with the 150 year old panels, concealing the structure’s bracing elements. cotton canvas is stretched across the interior face of skylights producing a soft glow at night. //

via designboom

project info:

project description: naust paa aure
location: aure kommune, more og romsdal, norway
client: stein erik sørstrøm
project: boathouse
cost: 250.000 nok, (45,000 usd)
time: april 2010 – january 2011
built by: TYIN tegnestue architects
architects: marianne løbersli sørstrøm, yashar hanstad
photo: pasi aalto


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