[ Chateau St. Philippe + Franţa ]]

Explore France’s Savoie region from this historic chateau, dating to 1032.

Built as a priory in 1032 by Benedictine monks, a 19th-century baron transformed Chateau St. Philippe into his noble home. Today this alpine castle still has a regal air, and your every whim — spa services, expert-led wine tours, and custom-fit bikes — is at your command.

But there’s plenty to explore right under the peaked turrets, from the tricked-out game room and private screening room to south- and east-facing terraces overlooking 17 acres lush with apple, cherry and lilac trees. Moody, dramatic oil paintings by artist Patricia Terrell-O’Neal (a family member of the current chateau owners) adorn the sober-hued walls, while an antique winepress makes the perfect conversation piece for large parties in the vaulted cave. Intimate gathering spots include the domed dining room and the spacious stone and marble kitchen, outfitted with high-end European appliances like a Lacanche Volnay range.

The most challenging activity for guests: choosing from the private chef’s gourmet repertoire. Duck with balsamic figs or roasted quail with wild rice couscous? My, my, it’s good to be the king.

About the area

The Savoie region is synonymous with cheese, wine, Olympic skiing, mountain sports and healing hot springs. The neighboring town of St. Pierre d’Albigny has a medieval castle, a vineyard and a popular recreational lake. Bucolic Annecy, cultural Chambery and the hot springs of Aix-les-Bains are within a half-hour drive.


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