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Declutter your space

Peter Walsh is the go-to man when it comes to organising a space, any space. So we asked him to share his secrets on how to declutter the home, room by room. Plus, he lets us in on a few easy tips and tricks to help keep it spick and span.
Writer Elle Lovelock Photography Chris Warnes Styling Melinda Ashton Turner.

Living area
Living area

Need somewhere to store all your living room paraphernalia? „Using crates to make a custom shelving system is an effective idea, and great for recycling, too,” Peter says. Stack them high or keep it low and use to store everything from books to DVDs and framed photos. Keep in mind that less-is-more. „Don’t overstuff it!” Peter says. And, „when it comes to keeping living rooms organised, you have to ‘finish the cycle’: put things away as soon as you’re finished with them,” he adds.

Guest room
Guest room
One of the biggest storage challenges in the home is what to do with out-of-season items. This is where a sofa with a hidden storage compartment comes in handy. „It’s the perfect place to keep cold-weather clothes during the warmer months and, vice-versa, freeing up valuable space in your wardrobe,” Peter says. The storage sofa is also a great spot to store sheets for the guest room (especially useful if you don’t have a linen cupboard).

Study nook
Study nook
When it comes to the home office, Peter’s advice is to think vertical – walls are the least-used and most valuable space in study areas. „Getting things off the desk helps free up the area for doing homework, reading or paying bills,” he says. „The great thing about vertical space is that you can customise it with your own style. I love the idea of hanging labelled buckets.” Handwrite or use a Dymo to make labels. If they’re on hooks, the buckets can be taken down as you need them.



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