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Smart solutions

A creative couple with designer instincts transform a small apartment into a light and spacious home. Homeowner Olivia Tipler and her partner Daryl Pelchen reconfigured and revamped their small 1950s apartment to create a family-friendly home.

Cute colour
A bright Marimekko wall hanging from Market Import adds a playful touch to baby Ivy’s white room. The Leander cot is from Bébé and the butler’s tray table from Whiteport.


Perfect combination
A simple yet dramatic palette of crisp white walls and dark polished hardwood floors provides the perfect backdrop for Olivia’s eclectic furniture collection. Affordable buys, such as the Ikea dining setting and low-slung pendant lights, from Beacon Lighting, blend effortlessly with bright vintage wall posters and delicate Italian ceramics.

All change
Making the most of the apartment’s small footprint was high on the agenda, so Daryl opened up the space to make one large open-plan kitchen-dining-living area. Glass bifold doors draw back to create a great indoor-outdoor entertaining area. Olivia leans against her study nook, which was a neat and practical inclusion, as was the bank of cupboards by the door that cleverly conceal the laundry.

Practical choice
One of Olivia’s favourite spaces is the kitchen. A generous island unit provides ample prep space for meals, while underneath, Laminex-covered drawers take care of storage demands. „Originally I wanted a 2-pac finish on the cupboards but Daryl suggested Laminex because it’s hardwearing and half the price,” Olivia says.

Living large
Dominated by an expanse of open bookshelves, the living area exudes a relaxed charm. A sisal rug delineates the area from the rest of the open-plan room. An avid collector of vintage furniture, Olivia picked up the Danish-style armchair at Lost Ark Antiques, Vic. Liberty-print cushions and patterned table lamps inject a jolt of colour to the neutral scheme.

Space saving
Maximise space with these super-easy tips
• Hide clutter: Hide bits and pieces in streamlined storage solutions, leaving only special items on show.
• Clear the floor: Think overhead storage shelves and bookshelves, like the ones Olivia incorporated in her home.
• Door declutter: Think about removing hinged interior doors. The swing zone becomes useable space that can instantly make a room feel larger.

Refined elegance
A soft colour scheme in the main bedroom offers a serene atmosphere. White walls and dark floors cocoon the light-filled room. Delicately patterned bedlinen, from Moss Melbourne, is teamed with a white bedside table and a textural sisal rug.

White space
Maximising space was the name of the game in the compact bathroom. Walls were clad in white subway tiles, echoing those in the kitchen, while a wall of mirrored cupboards helps bounce extra light around. A sleek wall-hung basin is unobtrusive.



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