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[ o baie simplă ]]

Our bathroom is very small,  2m x 2m. When we started our renovation I wanted a concrete walls and pipes inside the walls. And slidingdoors that hides all the laundry and washing machines. Well it didn´t went quite like I wanted, thanks to finish law. (It would be different if you live in detached house)  The law is very very strict with the water insulator materials. And because those materials that I wanted, didn´t have some permission sings we had to go with basic tiles. Our shover system is Hansgrohe Raindance with Axor showerpipe, and washbasin fitting Il Bagno Alessi Dot by Oras. Washbasin is Laattapiste Collection´s Living City 50cm x 46cm.  And the cabin under it is Ikeas kitchen cabin. Shower doors are from Hietakaridesign´s Haikara 72cm  x 72 cm .  You can turn those against a shover and so you have a lot more room in the bathroom.  Tiles in the floor are from kaakelikeskus. It is Kake natura hexagone 10cm x 10cm. For opposite wall we didn´t get sliding doors because they didn´t fit (looong stoory:( ) So I ordered some different size Ikea kitchen cabins and made a fun combination (in third picture)
Well our bathroom is very basic and not quite what I hade in mind, but it works well for us. And lots of storage in a small space:)

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