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[ vilă rustică în Italia ]]

Rustic Farmhouse in Tuscany


On the road that connects Florence to Siena (Italy), between groves of cypress and oak trees, an old farmhouse has been reborn thanks to the care and tenacity of Federica Fusi. Agrifuturismo is the name given to this 18th century Tuscan farm house which forms part of a small group of much more ancient structures surrounded by olive groves, forest and fields.


In 2004, Federica was looking for a property with history and integrity. She found this farmhouse, dating back to the 18th century) which she converted into three apartments: one for her and two to rent to visitors. With her commitment to retain the authenticity of the house, she restored the two apartments as well as her own living space in a style that honors the original rustic style of the villa.


In the cool, ground floor of the house, two vacation apartments are offered. Both are fully-restored and furnished with flair and originality. Guests have access to the upstairs terrace where seats and a table are provided under the pergola.


Like the two rental apartments, the style in Frederica’s own apartment is very rustic and vintage. Her inspiring home has been photographed for a book called The Natural Home: Dwellings at Ease with Themselves and Their Surroundings by photographer Nathalie Taverne.


Twelve hectares of land forms part of the Agrifuturismo property, mainly terraced olive groves and forest. Guests are free to explore every corner of it, including the ruins of a mediaeval bridge and an ancient church.


Agrifuturismo is situated in central Chianti on a side road (unpaved) branching off the Strada di Cortine country road halfway between Castellina in Chianti and Barberina Val d’Elsa. Among the many other towns of interest within an easy drive are Poggibonsi, San Gimignano, Certaldo, Colle do Val d’Elsa, Monteriggioni, Sienna, Panzano and Greve in Chianti.



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