Amenajari Interioare / Decoratiuni

[ interioare locuite ]]

Poate putin exagerat … dar, in general, asa mi se pare normal sa arate imaginile cu interioare, imaginile de decoratiuni interioare si amenajari: LOCUITE, pline de obiecte, accesorii si detalii, asa cum este si viata oamenior care le locuiesc!

Swimming in saturated colour. Shining with bright, white light.  I admire photographer Karl Anderson’s work. Beautiful, rich shots at the same time light and buoyant. Don’t you just find yourself saying „wanna wanna wanna walk right in.”

Take a New Zealander. Wind his career path through Australia, the States, Singapore and land him in Sweden after training with some of the best photographers around and who do you get? Karl Anderson. Love the vibe of these photos. As you can imagine there are influences from all around the world but with his present base that bright white Swedish light shines through in many of these. As for the iconic furniture pieces in a number of these shots, well what can a blogger do but sigh! Great shots, great talent. Images from Karl’s website and from his rep’s. via desiretoinspire


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