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The House of

Architect Pedro Useche

photo © Fran Parente

From time to time, we publish unique residences from São Paulo, the largest city in Brazil, the most populous Brazilian state which exerts strong regional influence in commerce and finance as well as design, the arts and entertainment. São Paulo maintains strong international influence in the arts and design, such a strong influence is also exerted on the residence of architect Pedro Useche.  The Venezuelan architect/ designer was exposed to the world of architecture and design at a young age during his studies in Los Angeles.  Instantly, the young Venezuelan architect was the talk of the town; Useche created stunning and unique furniture pieces because he had to, as he had no money to buy designer furniture he ended buying the materials to create unique furniture pieces, with spectacular, eye-catching design.

What makes the house of Pedro Useche so unique is that all furniture pieces are designed by the architect himself; modern-day, vintage-like designs of the 60’s are present throughout the house of the talented architect.  Useche started his own architectural practice in 1984 in Brazil; even after becoming a professional admired and successful, Useche has not lost the crave for designing exceptional furniture pieces as well as the architecture of the residence.  The residence is located in the southwestern district of Morumbi – one of the highest points in the city of São Paulo, Morumbi is considered one of the sophisticated and one of the wealthiest neighborhoods of the city, despite the existence of the Paraisópolis favela.  Construction of the residence started in 1999 and was completed in 2003; the approximately 1,000 square meter, three-storey residence is very simple and contemporary in architectural design and uses traditional and humble materials from the city of São Paulo.

The exterior landscape is very welcoming and very homely for the visitor; plants from the local region, and the lush green surrounding environment act invitingly towards the architecture.  Seeking the wellbeing and the bliss of living in the residence, Useche has designed a friendly and hospitable environment where one can interact and come close with nature – the relationship is evident from the façade.  The original structure which is built of concrete has been gradually covered by lush climbing plants in varying shades and species.  The abundant flora can also be seen from the living room which has double height and skylights to favor natural lighting.

According to the architect, the program of the residence is organized in three independent volumes – the communal space – located in the center of the residence, the private space and the service area.  Every bit of the house is designed in such a way as to bring enhanced illumination and ventilation throughout the residence, giving a sustainable eco-friendly character, the house has also been equipped with solar energy panels and operates in an eco-conscious manner.

Humble, local materials have been used throughout the residence; the prominent Portuguese mosaic has been used for the external areas of the residence and the terrace.  Local cumaru natural hardwood has been used for the flooring of the communal areas, while glass tiles have been used in the bathrooms and the services areas such as the kitchen and the laundry.  The unique double height and the mezzanine add character to this single family residence.  However, what adds the style and sets that modern-vintage tone are the furniture and the artwork.  Pedro Useche’s art collection is inimitable, vibrant and colorful, just like the city of São Paulo.  Artworks collected from artists all over the world and prominent contemporary Brazilian artists such as Rochelle Costi, Luis Hermano, Nazareth Pacheco, Stephan Doitschinoff, Valeska Soares, and Amanda Melo which ‘dress-up’ the walls of this modest architectural structure.  Furniture exclusively designed by Useche make this house so exceptional as everything has been carefully studied and designed exclusively for this space.  From the rocking chairs, to the fireplace, to the lighting all inspired by the masters of modern furniture design, but brought to the standards of the Useche residence.

Overall, the configuration of the single family residence which is located in one of the most sophisticated districts of Sao Paulo, is a building with noteworthy architectural elements and an elegant, modern day interior with an eco-conscious character.  The newly designed modern-day vintage-like furnishing harmoniously blend in to the existing architectural design, while the exquisite art collection of Pedro Useche adds that hint of the vibrant, colorful lifestyle of Sao Paulo.  Pedro Useche is the owner of Mobile Useche he has participated in national and international exhibitions and has received various design awards from the Brazilian House Museum, while he has also taught graduate courses in the field of Interior Design at Senac.

fotografii © Fran Parente


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