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Contrary to what you may be thinking, Dynabyte is not a prehistoric predator from the Cretaceous period. It happens to be a Swedish IT consulting firm. The company is young, fresh and full of ideas, and yet in experiencing the growing pains of a too-small workspace. That’s when they placed a call to PS Arkitektur, a design agency with a creative and colorful reputation.


PS found it important that the workplace met all business requirements and functionalities but that it be a mixture of playful and serious elements. The concept parallels Dynabyte’s moto for their relationships with their clients and the market. PS set a goal to create a workplace with a mix of private and neutral jobs that would meet the requirements of flexibility Dynabyte desired for their business.


The team achieved success by creating a dynamic blend of open and closed spaces, family style public areas, and tiny private conversational niches. All spaces were dressed in bright colors on the floor, ceiling, walls, and throughout the furniture pieces. It wasn’t until they created the perfect juxtaposition of functionality and fun that Dynabyte was satisfied that they had created a stimulating workplace for their employees.










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