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[ platforma de lemn ]]

A Platform for Living

Setsumasa and Mami Kobayashi’s weekend retreat, two and a half hours northwest of Tokyo, is “an arresting concept,” photographer Dean Kaufman says, who documented the singular refuge in the Chichibu mountain range. “It’s finely balanced between rustic camping and feeling like the Farnsworth House.”

kobayashi residence tents

Designed by Shin Ohori of General Design Co., the structure — Setsumasa bristles at the word “house,” since his desire was for something that “was not a residence”—and its wooded surroundings serve as a testing ground for the Kobayashis, who design outdoor clothing and gear (as well as many other products) for their company: ……. Research. The shelter is constructed from locally harvested larch wood and removable fiberplastic walls and is crowned with two yellow dome tents used as year-round bedrooms.

Still, this is no primitive lean-to. There’s electricity, hot water, and a kitchen—not to mention iPads, Internet, and a clawfoot tub. By day, the couple trims trees and chops firewood. At night, they sit around a campfire and eat Japanese curry, listen to Phish, and balance their laptops on their knees. This is what a modern back-to-the-land effort looks like.

Zona mi se pare ca arata superb. E foarte interesant sa vezi locuri din tari straine care se aseamana atat de mult cu cele natale. Nu vi se pare ca peisajul din imaginea de mai sus este aproape identic cu cele romanesti? Idea acestui refugiu-casa mi se pare excelenta, singura problema, la noi in tara este frica de hoti!
Lipsa de curent se rezolva cu niste benzina si un generator! 🙂 Apa calda … la fel … asa ca nu vad mari probleme. e un loc genial de venit in vacanta, o vacanta rupta de lume! 🙂

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