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house of style + Inside The Glass House + inside The Glass Towers by Richard Meier

George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg Apartment in New York

[ FUN FACT: The log bench is a fallen tree that was found at the bottom of a lake which was acquired from India. ] 🙂

As a New Yorker what you stand for, were you are going and what the type of circles you will mingle with is simply derived from retail talk. There are certain words that open doors to the world of elite with no waiting time. Words that create a floating dream and pure happiness words like, Perry Street, 4,000sqft apartment, Glass tower, overwhelming views Hudson River & Richard Meier.  These words are happiness to any New Yorker out there, but it definitely puts the icing on the cake when those happy New Yorkers are the award wining architects Yabu Pushelberg.

Partners for 31 years, personally and professionally, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg were named designers of the year by Contract magazine and have been inducted into the ID magazine Hall of Fame. This creative duo has three houses, but considers their 4,000 square-foot Perry Street apartment their home.


This exquisite apartment was purchased in 2004 and came completely raw with only a toilet and mirror which provided a blank canvas to work with allowing free reign to design and ornament as desired. This well known Richard Meier building exudes a minimalist interior with all the spaces drenching with sunlight from floor-to ceiling windows. It is the perfect controlled naked interior space to allow for one to create their personal lifestyle around it. All in all the ideal real estate wonder. This apartment has a feeling of openness in the space with clarity in its design, combined with the eclectic residential feel of the West Village. The apartment is very public but also very private at the same time. The layout is open in the living area (the main room) but the center hall has doors built into the wall that are very secretive. A perfect blend of making guests feel comfortable in the large open space living area and at the same time not exposing the private lives of the owners which they wish to share by themselves.



This apartment is a wonderful tribute to all that New Yorkers aspire to and thrive for. Great architecture from a master, with interiors from the trend setters. A prime location consisting of an open space area filed with admiration and private quarters designed for adoration. 2011 NY, thank you.

Imagini + Text © Richard Powers via Yatzer


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