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[ locuinta cu stil + palatul lui MOBY ]]

house of style + Moby’s Castle

Not everyone has the fortune to have a castle as a home, but I was delighted to find out Moby, does. Thanks to The New York Times, we’re able to take a house tour of “this crazy shining castle,” as he called it. The techno artist bought this amazing 1920s gem when he decided to leave the harsh New York winters behind for sunny Los Angeles. After falling in love with this rare find in the Hollywood Hills, Moby put the petit château through a major renovation bringing back all the original details, architectural elements and elegance from its period. He also did a magnificent job with the minimalist interiors mostly using Scandinavian style furnishings and a rather serene color palette. You can read the whole scoop on Moby’s move and gorgeous new home here. T.G.I.F. Have a dreamy and relaxing weekend!

Images by Trevor Trondo via The New York Times 

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