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Bibicarton cardboard furniture

Cardboard furniture by Bibicarton

Cardboard furniture by Bibicarton

I just discovered Bibicarton recently and I must admit I am bit mad at myself for not knowing about it earlier.  I always get a bit peeved when I discover some local creative thing which has been around for a while, and which I should definitely already know about!  I mean, if someone if making custom cardboard furniture in Melbourne,  I feel I really should be across that!

ANYWAY.  Sarah Mouchot creates recycled cardboard furniture under the name ‘Bibicarton’, in Melbourne!  Some of it is very wacky but some of it is quite cool… and I must say in general it seems very well crafted – not like the usual flat-packed slot-together stuff you see around a lot these days.  In contrast, Bibicarton furniture appears to be very sturdy and solid, and sealed almost like papier mache?

Sarah also gives cardboard furniture making workshops!  ALSO I believe she may be French.  This is not a confirmed fact but is a conclusion I am jumping to following a bit of googling and twitter stalking.  Cardboard furniture workshopping AND a french accent!?  Oui oui!  Super fun.

Cardboard ‘He and She’ side tables with drawers by Bibicarton

And behind the scenes…!

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