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Iată ce am descoperit în dimineaţa asta! 🙂 Un studio de design cu magazin online: Heimastore. Au un site foarte frumuşel! Mă tentează – văd că se foloseşte din ce în ce mai mult texturarea cu hârtie de împachetat sau carton simplu şi arată foarte bine! 🙂 Am ales numai câteva dintre produsele lor şi le-am grupat frumos, zic eu, pentru voi, ca să vă inspire şi pe voi în dimineaţa asta! 🙂


Inspired by the lust for travel, photography, music and design you can say that a Heima piece is one stubborn work of whimsy. It doesn’t stick out, it stands out. The patterns are, simply put, colorful springboards on their own. So it’s not just furniture. It’s a lifestyle we promote.

We advocate a lifestyle. We live for the carefree, the indie, the trigger-happy. We live for the fella and the bonnie lass. There’s pretty much something for everyone who wants to live a little different, style and substance in a unique package.

Indeed, a Heima home is a happy home. And you don’t even have to have all our furniture to feel so. A patchwork couch, paper organizers that come in pretty patterns on a funky yet functional desk, or an armchair that shyly sits on the corner for your own time-out, these are enough to make every day a happy day.

The happier fact is that it doesn’t take much to own one. Although inspired by foreign culture, Heima is quality made locally – Filipino – and proudly so. Our chairs stand tall and boast of detailed craftsmanship, individuality, and a smooth flight of fancy.

We create and look for things to make the senses smile, things to make your heart flutter. You know, something to make you happy.


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