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[ scaun rola de hartie ]]

Childrens Paper Chair (Sustainability)

The chair encourage people to buy environmental friendly products, intended to make a comment on our use of paper, is shaped as a toilet-roll. As the paper is being used the size of the toilet-roll increases, such the small child sits on a small
roll and the older child on a bigger roll!

The Chair is made with drawing paper, as the paper is being “drawn upon”, the size of the front cylinder increases and thus follows the child’s growth!- age 2-7 Years. Clean paper is transferred from the back cylinder to the front simply by rolling the front cylinder backwards. The amount of paper is approx. 500 meters, which means that the paper can be changed twice a week for 5 years.

(In periods the child might draw all the time, in others the chair provides a personal and decorative element in the playroom).

The Chair also comes in a carpet-variation.


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