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[ mck architects + maroubra house ]]

'maroubra house' by australian practice mck architects is an additions project to an existing dwelling in a local suburb of sydney. perched on top of a hilly site, the project was driven by both the planning setback controls and the need to maintain unobstructed views towards the coast and surfing beaches.

in order to establish maximum views towards the local landscape, the main living space is accommodated two levels above the street. when viewed from this level, the project reads as a separate, plugged in unit that hugs the more traditional roof line of the dwelling. the exterior is finished in horizontally-running panels of wood which sets a dramatic contrast from the singularly black structure underneath.

to the northwest, a rear-facing yard contains an elevated pool and garden. offering a generous outdoor terrace, the design connects the internal spaces to the site by establishing unbroken views to the beaches. the living spaces within are seemingly sculpted out by the folding roof form of the design which bends inward in a chisel-like fashion. elongated to a generous double-height, the kitchen, dining and lounge space benefits from great sunlight intake.

via designboom
project info:
builder: DLR enterprises
structural engineer: barry smith engineers
quantity surveyor: QS plus
surveyor: denny linker & co
joinery: josko joinery


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