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Cutlery with a playfull joining mechanism

Material: Ultramid®
Lenght: 20,5cm

Colours: white, black, purple, pink, green, light blue, dark blue, yellow
Year: 2010

Cutlery turns into cover. JOIN is more than simply knife, fork or spoon. It is a decoration for the table. The magic joining mechanism fascinates everybody. But not everybody will manage at once to transform the little sculpture into cutlery. A little skill and a good eye is necessary.

But do not worry – up to now nobody starved when unravelling the magic knot. Many times a meal grew cold because the cutlery itself, made of long life high-tech plastic material, was simply too fascinating. You should book JOIN a place at your table.

JOIN was developed in co-operation with the designfabrik of BASF.

Check out the Making for the whole story at > CASE STUDY – JOIN.

multe alte proiecte interesante aici
multumesc Cra!!! 🙂

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