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Do You Rue? David Stark for West Elm

Rue david stark west elm 1 a

Is it summer yet? These pics from Rue’s David Stark for West Elm shoot have me wishing that it were! You’ll find more of these sumptuous photos on page 204 of the current issue of Rue, but I’d also like to highlight the fun and fabulous product we used as a jumping off point for the shoot. Event designer David Stark does the loveliest work; it deserves a closer look!

David stark rue 3

David’s background is in painting and fine arts, and he used his passion for that pastime to inspire his dinnerware for West Elm. The soft brush strokes, the strong yet gentle lines, and the crisp white porcelain tapas dishes are the perfect canvas for creating a dinner party masterpiece! 

Rue david stark west elm 2

Of course the magic of this shoot couldn’t have happened without the great team that came together. David and his crew concepting the whole thing, and photographer William Brinson, prop stylist Raina Kattelson, and food stylist Rebecca Jurkevich did an amazing job bringing the vision to fruition. 

Photos: William Brinson for Rue.


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