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[ Locuinta Moderna + Biserica Veche ]]

Modern New Home in Old Stone Church

Astfel de reconversi ma inspira extrem de mult! Este de admirat atat ideea cat si curajul proprietarilor. Rezultatul, va las sa il judecati singuri, dar nu ma astept la ceva mai putin decat uimire si apreciere; intr-un cuvant: Woau! 🙂

Judecand dupa imaginea casei/ bisericii, ceva imi spune ca proprietarii vor avea cateva batai de cap cu copii abandonati in cosuri, pe trepte, la intrare! 🙂 Cel putin asa am invatat din cultura americana.

From the outside it appears to be just the same as any other unassuming old church, however take a look inside and this place of worship has been turned into an ultra modern family home. Based in Utrecht, this small-church renovation features a series of levels within the existing large and awe inspiring space.

The mezzanine represents a partial reversion from the building’s last design iteration, and (as the plans above show) is less intrusive than it might appear.

Underneath the upper floor mezzanine lie the bathrooms, bedrooms and a personal study, which provides the churchs inhabitants with privacy. None of these newly-created rooms, however, would be difficult to remove should anyone seek to fully restore the space at some point.

This home allows its inhabitants to bask in the classical features, such as the vaulted ceilings and old surfaces. Wooden pews and hardwood floors were kept from the original building. Where possible, original doors and stained glass were preserved, and other decorative elements were also saved.

Multumesc Daniel, ca de obicei, numai sugestii excelente! 🙂


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