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[ mobilier + pat supra-etajat ]]


Elegant and striking, the Perch bunk bed is the perfect centerpiece for any child’s room. Its compact footprint leaves plenty of room for play and additional furnishings. The bunk’s low height makes it accessible and safe. The versatile Perch easily separates into a loft bed and a standalone twin, giving multiple configuration options.

Maximum allowable mattress thickness for top bunk must not exceed 6”(15 cm).

Sturdy and safe
•    Sturdy frame and solid rails on top bunk
•    Lower than a conventional bunk bed, improving safety and easier access to your child
•    Angled ladder with safety tread for safer climbing
•    The CPSC recommends top bunks for children 6 years and older
•    Optional guard rails for lower bunk available in Summer 2011

•    Made from Baltic birch plywood and FSC certified eco-MDF
•    Made in Latvia, a nation with a strong woodworking heritage, from locally sourced wood
•    Finishes are non-toxic and free of VOC health hazards
•    Made in a Forest Stewardship Certified facility
•    Wood wastes and finishing materials are recycled
•    Packaged in recycled cardboard

Easy to use
•    Loft and twin bed can be separated at any point
•    Ladder can be assembled on either side of the bed
•    Both upper and lower bunks take a standard twin mattress (not supplied).

42 1/4”W x 77 7/8”L x 62”H
108cm x 198cm x 158cm


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