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[ o casa simpla + roof on the hill ]]

‘roof on the hill’ by alphaville in takarazuka, japan
all images courtesy alphaville

kyoto-based architecture studio alphaville (kentaro takeguchi, asako yamamoto) has sent us images of their newest project ‘roof on the hill’, a private residence in a new development site in takarazuka, japan. working with the solid soil condition of the plot, the single storey design follows the natural slope of the terrain by dividing the floor plan in stepped back intervals.

arranged on a 3m x 3m grid steel frame, the house features three terraced-back levels that climb the topography of the site. a series of small steps connect each stage at different intervals to create a meandering circulation route. private programs such as the bedroom, bathroom and children’s room are contained in box-like volumes while the interstitial space in between accommodates the communal programs such as dining, kitchen and living area.


left in its exposed and corrugated form is an undulating roof that creates an artificial topography of its own. featuring long slits at each fold, an abundant amount of natural daylight enters and illuminates the interior space. the oscillating form also creates a contrasting element to the regularity of the layout, creating a faceted and angled ceiling that plays off the linear division of space.


project info:

primary use:

building area: 99.87 m2
site area: 232.31 m2
structural system: steel structure

info source designboom

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