Arhitectura / Concept / Interioare / Tur de Casa

[ cafeneaua M | Tehran, Iran ]]

Location: Velenjak Shopping Center, Velenjak Street, ,
Client: Zohuri Brothers
Consultant: Hooba Design Group
Design Team: Bahram Afsari- Milad Faraji
Contractor: Jubin Yaghmaei
Project area: 75 sqm
Project year: 2009
Photographs: Parham Taghioff

The spatial concept was to present a significant solid mass that connects the entrance of the hall to the serving counter and also illustrates the roof and the walls as a continuous element. This solid mass provides the essential light of the area indirectly and eliminates any sharp and disturbing type of light. The form was generated through morphing two curves over each other that creates variety of different perspective views and diverse experiences in each spot.


To avoid multiplicity of materials, two basic materials are selected to provoke the spatial quality and flow of relaxing light in the space. Basic light crème coat covers the roof and the walls continuously and dark wood envelopes the floor, parts of the walls, the furniture, the entrance, and the serving counter and the kitchen continuously.

Imi place ce le-a iesit! 🙂 Cu toate ca mi se pare un pic prea pretentioasa atmosfera creata de lumina difuza de culoarea chihlimbarului pentru o cafenea … Dar asta e numai parerea mea, voi ce ziceti?

texte via archdaily


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