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[ accesorii + covorul Round Diamond ]]

‘Round Diamond’ rug series from Emma Elizabeth Designs in collaboration with Designer Rugs.


SOMEWHERE inbetween freelance styling and jetting around the globe to cover every major international design festival on her AMAZING DESIGNVLOG, Sydney-based Emma Elizabeth Coffey has found a moment to design these outrageously fabulous rugs for Designer Rugs’ ID Collection!   In typical EE style, they’re brilliantly bold and full of personality – I LOVE that pink one!!

Emma has entitled her rug collection the ‘Round Diamond’ series, and is launching the first two colourways this month at the Milan design fair, in an exciting exhibition with other Australian designers called The Other Hemisphere.  She’ll be exhibiting alongside Daniel : Emma and a host of other brilliant Australian designers!  If you happen to be in Milan (SO JEALOUS) do look up The Other Hemisphere show and support these fab local designers!  Visit for more info!

Emma Elizabeth’s ‘Round Diamond’ rugs are hand tufted from 100% New Zealand wool, and are made to order.  They’re currently available directly from Emma Elizabeth Designs through manufacturer Designer Rugs. The design can be customised to various sizes – a 2.5m diameter rug retails for AU$4,550.


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