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Introducing UrbanCatDesign

New Line of Modern Cat Furniture From the Netherlands


Introducing a brand new Dutch modern cat furniture design company, UrbanCatDesign. Just launching their new product line, this company obviously takes great care to consider the cat’s needs as well as design aesthetics. Clean lines and smooth white finishes combine with brightly colored carpet inserts for a perfect modern look. All products are designed in The Netherlands and handcrafted in Europe using only the best materials that are safe for cats and humans. There are several exciting new products in this welcome addition to the modern cat world.


First is the CatCase, a multi-functional bookshelf and cat climbing tower. Carpet covered platforms and nooks are designed for kitty to perch and nap, while you still have room for storage.


The CatLedge cat climbing shelves come in three shapes and a variety of carpet colors to match your decor. Attaches securely and elegantly to the wall.


My favorite, the CatCube gives kitty a little hideaway that’s raised off the floor. A beautifully upholstered cushion coordinates with the carpet scratch pad on top.


The Catinet provides a discreet litter hideaway with storage space and a skylight.



And finally, CatScratch is a unique wall-mounted cat scratcher that looks like a piece of modern sculpture. I imagine that the corner design would be very attractive to cats, hopefully more enticing than the arm of your sofa!

UrbanCatDesign offers free shipping to some European countries (check the website for details). If you live outside of Europe, you would need to contact them to get shipping rates. I will definitely be keeping an eye on this promising new company!

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