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The Placa Lamp by Gonçalo Campos

via contemporist

Description from the designer:

Lamp shades simply placed on a wooden board. The impact that such a simple premise brings is unexpected. Besides creating a “stage” for placing other objects of interest, (effectively turning into a plinth) it provides room for the relationship between its elements to develop. The lamps point towards the other essential element in this composition, the switch, creating a special dynamic between all of the elements. The switch is also placed on the wooden board instead of in the cord, making it a part of the lamp, and not just an appendix.

A lamp that despite it’s simplicity boasts character and highlights it’s structure and materials. Keeping this lamp to the very minimum, a base, a lampshade and a switch, makes it all the more impressive.

The base of this lamp is made in solid ash wood and the lampshade in black velvet.


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