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Furniture by Axel Bjurström


Stockholm 2011: Stockholm designer Axel Bjurström will present a collection of furniture including these wheeled side tables as part of the Greenhouse exhibition of work by young designers at Stockholm Furniture Fair next week.


Furniture by Axel Bjurström


Above and top: Dolly. The dolly side table takes care of the pile of magazines often found on the bottom shelf or on the floor next to the sofa. It uses the weight of the magazines to gain stability and the small wheels on the backside make it possible to move your pile around just like a hand dolly.

Called Dolly, the tables incorporate a bar to hold magazines, which in turn weight the piece.

Furniture by Axel Bjurström


Other products in Bjurström’s collection include a combined vase and candlestick, a tray in the shape of a wedding ring, makeup mirror and two chair designs.

Furniture by Axel Bjurström


Above: Flora. Flora gives you the possibility to use your candlestick as a vase or combining candles and flowers in your candelabra. It is made of high quality laboratorial glass and has a conic silicone joint in the bottom to sit steady in almost all sorts of candlestick.

Axel Bjurström is a freelance designer/architect with a MFA from Konstfack (2007) working with architecture, interior and product design.

Furniture by Axel Bjurström


Above: Piga. Piga is a remake of the old fashion swedish “pigtittare”, a mini cabinet with an adjustable mirror to use when applying make-up. Behind the mirror i t has a partition to hold bottles and bigger tubes behind the mirror.

Clients are companies such as the Swedish fashion brand Filippa K, outdoor furniture company Nola, Panasonic etc. Exhibiting at Sthlm Furniture Fair is a first step towards focusing more on furniture and product design.

Furniture by Axel Bjurström


Above: Hammock Chair. The hammock chair is a simple tube rack with a more sophisticated free hanging textile. The seat is form sewed just like the knee on a pair of skipants that will adapt to your body and follow your movements just like a hammock.

The ambition is to find interesting companies for long term collaborations.

Furniture by Axel Bjurström


Above: Trinity. The Trinity lounge chair is a small simple lounge chair. It uses the advantages of the three materials; a wooden structure to keep it light and to get natural feel, a steel frame to achieve a stiff, thin curvy back and textile in seat and back get a smooth and comfortable feel.

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