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[ o cabana rustic chic ]]

A family effort yields a stylish mountain retreat

Ce merge mai bine iarna decat o mini-vacanta la munte? Multi vor spune ca ar vrea sa isi petreaca zilele acoperite de zapada la snowboard sau ski … dar eu prefer sa stau la fereastra unei cabane minunate ca aceasta si sa admir peisajele inghetate. Si cand casa in care stai arata astfel …  ma intelegeti, nu?

Titlul articolului este cel folosit de elledecor … si mi se pare ca se potriveste de minune  Rustic Chic e sintagma care caracterizeaza cel mai bine aceasta locuinta de vis.

The Sawtooth Mountains cut a jagged swath across the high blue western sky above Ketchum, Idaho. The American Alps, as they are ambitiously called, cradle more than 300 pristine lakes in their glacier basins. This is Hemingway country—Papa spent the last years of his peripatetic life here—a place he loved for its rugged authenticity and the myriad streams running through it. The beauty of these majestic mountains (not to mention the world-class skiing) has been luring Rusty and Mary Lynn Turner and their three children here from their native Newport Beach, California, for more than a quarter century. But it was only three years ago that the couple decided to build their ideal family retreat, one that Mary Lynn, an interior designer, insisted appear as if it had been there all along. “I always wanted to do something rustic,” she says, “but I didn’t want a luxury log home or a modern ski chalet. I wanted a house that looked like we had rescued it, like we brought it back to life.”


via elledecor


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