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[ mobilier + Fortune Cookie ]]




Iata ce inteleg eu prin FUTURIST! :)) un scaun care se pare ca seamana cu o fortune cookie (prajiturica cu ravas)… Designerul Shin Azumi din Londra a prezentat aceasta piesa de mobilier la targul Interieur 2010 Kortrijk din Belgia. 🙂

alte informatii si proiecte aici

AP Stool
Lapalma, Italy

This project began as an experiment to express the excellence of bent plywood in a maximized way. My aim was not only to explore sculptural beauty, but to also maximize functionality within a minimal structure. 

As a final result I came up with the idea of a stool with a monocoque structure, created from a single sheet of plywood. Unlike other stools there is no distracting division between its parts. The seat and body of the stool seamlessly merge from one to the other in a single fluid motion. The stool not only provides a seat on which to sit, this is also combined with a stacking function. The stool has a large contact area between itself and the floor. This disperses the pressure and helps to prevent damage to delicate floor surfaces such as carpet.

Within this project, I attempted to capture the beauty and elegance of the tensioned form which is naturally created when bending sheet material. Therefore, in this particular project all of the development was carried out using cardboard. It was only during the final stages that a CAD program was used. Once the cardboard model had been finalised in the studio, it was then three dimensionally scanned and converted into digital data to produce the mould.

W470 D370 H500 mm



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