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Scarile de mai sus se afla intr-un simpatic apartament inchiriat din Londra, care este ocupat de catre Veronika & Sebastian. Levitate Architects sunt cei care au proiectat ingenioasele trepte care servesc ca depozitare pentru carti. Biblioteca verticala a aparut ca solutie pentru problema spatiului de depozitare in loft.

Iata ce Tim Sloan, arhitectul responsabil cu acest concept a explicat:

The flat occupies part of the shared top floor of an existing Victorian mansion block. Our proposal extended the flat into the unused loft space above, creating a new bedroom level and increasing the floor area of the flat by approximately one third. We created a ‘secret’ staircase, hidden from the main reception room, to access a new loft bedroom lit by roof lights. Limited by space, we melded the idea of a staircase with our client’s desire for a library to form a ‘library staircase’ in which English oak stair treads and shelves are both completely lined with books. With a skylight above lighting the staircase, it becomes the perfect place to stop and browse a tome. The stair structure was designed as an upside down ‘sedan chair’ structure (with Rodrigues Associates, Structural Engineers, London) that carries the whole weight of the stair and books back to the main structural walls of the building. It dangles from the upper floor thereby avoiding any complicated neighbour issues with the floors below.


vedere laterala


Restul apartamentului se poate vedea in imaginile urmatoare. Treptele duc catre un dormitor pozitionat sub acoperisul cladirii. Din imagini ne putem da seama ca spatiul pe care arhitectii l-au avut la indemana este minimal, motiv pentru care este de apreciat conceptul treptelor cu carti pe care acestia l-au realizat si pus in practica atat de bine! 🙂

Alte informatii despre acest proiect:

Name: Veronika & Sebastian
Location: London, UK
Size: 70m2
Lived in: 6 months

Austrian expats who’ve lived in London for several years, Veronika and Sebastian have always been shocked by the state of London rental apartments, with their drafty rooms and faulty plumbing. So they were thrilled when they found a top-floor flat in a 1898 building that had just been remodeled from head to toe, modernizing it without ruining its Victorian charms.

Owner Leonie had remodeled her longtime North London flat when her soon-to-be-husband Rhodri moved in. “I sold my house to the guy at the pub,” says Rhodri, and they used the proceeds to hire an architect to bust through to the attic, creating a cozy, modern bedroom and effectively doubling the space of their now 70m2 top floor apartment. The arrival of their first baby forced them to move into a bigger place a few streets over. “We’d been planning on remodeling the kitchen,” Leonie says, although they weren’t able to line up the workers until after they’d moved out. They added higher countertops to mask the mess in the kitchen from guests and took advantage of the high ceilings to go vertical with storage.

Veronika and Sebastian brought in a gray Ligne Roset sofa („our sole ‘designer’ piece of furniture,” she says) and IKEA basics, adding a storage closet in the downstairs study for clothes. „It now is impossible to use the study as a formal dining room, which we would have liked to do,” says Veronika. „Now dining is a bit more informal and always a bit crowded, but at the same time one can create a lovely friendly atmosphere which is also due to the open-plan kitchen.” The living room has contemporary art by an up-and-coming Viennese artist named Richard Zeiss and a painting of a rock-climber by Norbert Lambing that was made from a photograph of his friend Sebastian.

When Leonie and Rhodri added the upstairs, the architect proposed a handsome and clever book-lined staircase to house their formidable combined libraries in one streamlined space. „It’s just brilliant because the way it’s conceived, you can walk by it and not even notice it,” Leonie says. „So it’s like this fabulous surprise.” The rather treacherous staircase hangs from steel beams, so as not to put any pressure on the Victorian floor, and the staircase has the air of a steep mountain climb from the bottom. „At first I was terrified! Every time!” says Veronika. „Soon, though, it becomes a mechanism and even in the dark one manages to make it downstairs.”

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