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spanish studio, rta-office has completed ‘house f’, a freestanding family home located in barcelona. sitting on the edge of a sloped and lush landscape, the jagged white form is a result of the rocky orography, nearby stream and surrounding vegetation. the design aims to draw elements from nature into the living space.

in order to minimize excavation, the volume sits on a centrally-located core foundation that houses the main staircase. this main circulation provides access to the residence which is distributed over three floors. natural light enters the shaft through a series of small geometric forms that cut through the ceiling and flood the space with luminous patterns.

finished in a pale blue quartz, the corridors that connect to the central staircase on each level is contrasted from the main circulation spine. capped at each end with large frameless windows, the tunnel-like hallways directly connect the interior and exterior environments. programmatic functions are grouped together in wide, continuous spaces that are treated entirely in white. principal rooms, including the kitchen, living and dining area are located on the top floor to take advantage of the surrounding views, while bedrooms are located one floor down, where they feel as though they are nestled among the landscape. strategically placed windows frame selected viewpoints, further communicating the importance of nature within the home.


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