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[ amenajari + locuinta in Olanda ]]


Pe afara se obisnuieste ca, daca esti o persoana cat de cat importanta (si artistica), cineva sa fie interesat de cum arata locuinta ta! Deobicei blogurile de profil cauta sa arate lumii intregi cum „locuiesc” artistii contemporani (si cand zic artisti, ma refer la o gama super larga de practicanti ai „frumosului”). Locuinta din imaginile urmatoare apartine posesoarei unui blog/shop online de acarete decorative. Sandra Jacobs ne descrie locuinta sa!!! 🙂



Dutch is … complaining about rain, curtains open in the evening, cozy, only one biscuit with your coffee (not me) and of course Dutch design which is next to collection vintage an addiction of mine.

Entrance, when entering my home you will notice… high ceilings, we live in a stately home from the 1920’s with many original details, lots of space and lots of light from large windows with brings a lot of natural light.



Style means … originality and staying true to yourself as a person but also in your job, in mij case my own company, BijzonderMOOI*. By being yourself people will trust and appreciate you no need to copy other peoples ideas.

Interesting places in my city are… Usine: a very pretty and nice restaurant in the heart of Eindhoven (former factory bulbs factory Phillips) and the Dutch Design Week in October and last but certainly not least the recently openend: Piet Hein Eek City.


Gardening is something … I do not do very much but I think it’s very nice to relax in my  city garden. We have a great wall of rustling bamboo and a nice apple tree that gives lots of apples in the fall

New in my home is … print of the 2010 manifesto aardvark that reminds me of the ‘goods things in life’ that I should not forget: Kill your TV, bake cakes, drink tea, write letters, love all the people, keep it wonky, live your life, make stuff, be kind.

Hobby, I always make time for … cooking, watching movies and reading books

Outfit, my favorite thing to wear is … my new black dress from Filippa K. Actually I almost always wear black while I keep a lot of color in my interior and like wearing jewelry. My favorite bracelet is from Bjorke and wear it everyday.


Magazines I love to read are… : Elle wonen, vt-wonen, 101 woonideeen, EigenHuis& RED, JAN, LINDA, FLOW I am a magazine addict!

Enjoy, I can not live without … My three boys (husband and two sons), white wine, magazines, chocolate and recently my iphone…


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