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[ design + White Nights by Maison Martin Margiela]]

White Nights Maison Martin Margiela at Les Sources de Caudalie


Always a mysterious presence on the international fashion scene, Belgian designer Martin Margiela delivered his latest surprise in December when he left his eponymous studio, Maison Martin Margiela. Though Margiela may have made his name as a designer of trend-making fashion collections, for his final project with the Maison he explored another creative avenue of his: interior design, creating a suite for luxury spa Les Sources de Caudalie in Bordeaux. The „Ile aux Oiseaux” suite—filled with calfskin rugs, cracked mirrors and antique furniture—sits apart from the hotel in an idyllic stilt-mounted cabin. Amidst the typically Margiela white-on-white decor, a shocking flash of scarlet comes in the form of a giant pair of lips—a replica of Salvador Dali’s classic Mae West Sofa from 1936.



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