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Today’s mass-production and the disposable fashion are deeply problematic. Current fast changing trends and low price that promote consumers to buy more than they need has pushed people to easily throw away their objects and I believe that this lack of consciousness will increase in the future even more. I am fighting against this epidemic with needles and threads. It is important now that we need to consider our basic needs and what we already possess, and to use these materials wisely and beautifully.

Dressed Furniture is inspired by traditional crafts and antique raw materials, hand made by me; Obviously, the scarcity of the antique furniture used requries the total number of editions produced each piece is extreamly limited. Each piece is therefore entirely unique. The craft traditions convey a considered thought process and have always recognized the value in reusing and repurposing.


iata ca aveam de a face cu un concept foarte interesant de data asta! 🙂 cel putin din punctul meu e vedere 🙂 va invit sa cititi cu atentie citatul de mai sus si sa reflectati, macar cateva minute, asupra acestei idei.

nu este vorba neaparat de proiectul acestui designer ci mai mult de ideea de ‘reciclare inteligenta’. schimbam garderoba pentru ca nu se mai potriveste trendului actual si schimbam mobilierul pentru ca, in timp, a capatat un aspect invechit (totusi nu ‘suficient’ pentru a fi considerat vintage :)) … de ce nu am alatura cele doua ‘schimbari’ intr-un singur proces care sa aibe la baza reciclarea si nu ‘lichidarea’ materialelor ?! 🙂


Using craft techniques and a combination of antique and raw materials is the logical means by which I work through these issues. dezeen


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Soojin Kang was born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to Exeter,  England in 2000. Upon finishing her foundation courses in Art and Deign at Exeter College in 2003 she moved to London and began her Bachelors in Fashion design at Central Saint Martins of Art and Deign College.

While Kang was still studying, she was working at fashion companies including Roland Mouret and Jonathan Saunders. After she graduated in 2007 she worked as an intern at the fabric development department for Burberry ltd until she went back to University and began her Masters in Textile Futures in 2008.

In 2008, during her first year of MA, she was awarded by Samsonite textile competition for constructive textile. The project leaded her to focus on working with textiles in 3D forms and later to make furniture inspired textiles and fashion design.

In 2009, she graduated from MA in Textile futures at Central Saint Martins with a collection ‘A Continuous Chain’. The collection comprised of a series of knitted chair and wearable, displaying on the recycled table made by abandoned doors. Her works were soon invited by Mint shop and Beldam gallery for the exhibition in September, 2009 in London.

In April 2010, she exhibited a series of her hand made chairs at Salone satellite and the knitted chair was immediately sold by a collector in Milan.

Soojin’s work is focused equally on aesthetics and tactility, Kang seeks to evoke a heightened, intensified state of being in all who interact with her work.

Soojin works on creating new identities and strives to tell stories through her designs. As a creative, Soojin currently works on a broad range of projects, though her inspiration always comes from the same place – from materials, colours and the feelings they conjure up.


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