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in dimineata asta am gasit niste obiecte de design foarte interesante prin functionalitatea lor accentuata si simplitatea designului … materiale simple, culori si texturi cuminti 🙂 pentru alte proiecte vikfougere accesati siteul lor 🙂

bench rack / powder coated steel tube, solid manitoba elm >>>

The Bench Rack by Vik & Fougere is an answer to the lack of closet and storage space in the average apartment.
Made of powder coated steel tube and a single piece of solid Elm, the Bench Rack is suitable for hanging clothes,
storing shoes, and sitting.

keep it cartesian light hook / powder coated steel / >>>

if you have a door, chances are you have a key.
if you have a light you probably have a switch.
that switch most likely has a faceplate that does nothing
but conceal the dirty truth behind it’s polycarbonate makeup.
concealment for the sake of concealment is dumb.
don’t be dumb.
the light hook isn’t.









keep it cartesian letter holder / powder coated steel / >>>

inbox. outbox.
before e-mail there was mail mail.
it’s actually still around.
light switches have stuck around for quite some time as well.
the letter holder just showed up, but we like to think it’ll be around for a while too.
just like letters and light switches.


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