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[ Haus Presenhuber + AFGH ]]

incepem noul an cu arhitectura !!! LMA 2011 !!!😀

ce avem aici?! … un bloc de apartamente, pe undeva pe la tara, prin Elvetia … o combinatie intre imaginea trecutului si cea a prezentului inglobata intr-o tona de beton aparent!🙂 my favorite🙂

The holiday house in located in the middle of the village of Vnà in the Lower Engadine. The particular challenge of the project was to bridge the divide between the old-world charm of the village and the modern flair embodied in a holiday house for an internationally successful art gallery owner. The aim was to develop a formal language which had a certain proximity to traditional Engadine architecture and yet remained immediately recognisable as contemporary without being conservatively romanticised.

Haus Presenhuber, Vnà, Switzerland, by AFGH
Photography: Valentin Jeck, via: Plataforma Arquitectura

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