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Ginger Cookie Ornaments

Hello bloggy friends and happy Friday to you! Are you all ready for another fun holiday DIY? This one was a project I tried out last year for my birthday (one year ago, this Sunday – woot woot) after being inspired by this photo from Lottakind: DIY Felt Ginger Cookie Ornaments! It was so much fun I decided that I should share the good times with you all too.

I’ve provided templates for you to use, but you can also cut shapes using actual cookie cutters as your guide, or freehand your own designs. Download DIY Felt Cookie Templates.

Here you go:

1.  Gather your supplies. You will need white fabric paint in a squeezable bottle with a fine tip (I used Tulip brand Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint), scissors, embroidery floss, embroidery needle, sequins (optional), and crafting felt (acrylic or wool) in brown tones (you will be able to make around nine ornaments for ever 9” x 12” segment of felt used).  Print cookie template onto standard paper or card stock using the link found above or create your own freehand designs.

2. Using your scissors, cut out each printed paper template shape following the dark outer lines.
3. Lay paper templates one at a time on top of a single layer of felt. Carefully cut around each shape.

4. Repeat this process for each of the four template shapes. Once you have cut one of each shape from felt you can use your felt shapes as templates for additional ornaments.
5. Using your white fabric paint, squeeze a design onto your shape. This is how you “ice your cookies” so have fun with it. There is no right or wrong way to decorate your ornaments.

6. (optional) If you’d like you can add some extra sparkle to your cookies by applying sequins to the wet paint. Kids will love this part most of all. The sequins catch the light nicely and look wonderful hanging on a tree. Allow your ornaments to dry (this will take 1+ hours depending on how thick your paint is.
7. Once paint is dry, thread at least 8” of embroidery floss on your needle and stitch it through the top of your ornament once. Knot at the top of your ornament (next to the felt) then pull floss taught and tie ends together (this will form your loop for hanging). Trim the ends so they look neat.

(A few of our ornaments from last year)

8. Use your ornaments to decorate your tree and home, top gifts, and more. This is a great activity to do with a group of children (adults love it too). To make it user-friendly for all ages, pre-cut all ornament shapes and be sure to have plenty of paint bottles on hand. An adult will need to stitch the loop at the top of each ornament. Supervision should be used with little ones and sequins.

Have fun!


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