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[ dormitorul ascuns + constructie in alb si lemn]]

Hideaway Bedroom

sometimes all you want is some peace, quiet and perhaps some sleep … while at other times you would welcome some openness, sound and daylight. the best bedroom designs strike a balance between functional extremes, able to be closed off completely as needed.

working within a simple palette of wood and white, alma-nac created this small lofted bedroom space for a client who works in publishing. the space was thus crafted to be not just a bedroom but a private reading room as well, complete with built-in shelving and easy ways to seal oneself in with a good book.

the main point of connection with the lower-level floor plan is a horizontal interior slot window over which a folding wooden divider can be slid. locked in this privacy-enabling position, it looks almost like a decorative touch (rather than a spatial separator) that matches the hardwood floors and wood stairs below.

instead of a space-displacing bedroom door, a pair of panels (sandwiching a bookshelf) slides over the opening to the room. in the process, this movement reveals clothing storage space while concealing a stack of books .


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