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[ iPad Screenshots + architecture ]]

iPad Screenshots + edition29

pentru cine are sau isi doreste un iPad si este si pasionat de arhitectura 🙂 poate eu candva! (si ma refer la ambele :)) iata o aplicatie super interesanta 🙂 tipica pentru cerintele si standardele utilizatorilor apple. cu alte cuvinte, e oki 🙂


This new version of Edition29 ARCHITECTURE operates a little differently from the past. With the purchase of this app you get to download one issue of your choice. Once the app is purchased and opened, a red screen will appear until the in-app store/library loads. You can then choose the issue you want to download to complete your purchase. This app allows you to buy previous and future issues and collect them all in a single in-app library.

In the Issue 003 of Edition29 ARCHITECTURE, the 5 continents theme continues with minimal structures from the Napa Valley in California to a young girl’s Playhouse in Poland. We speak to several of the architects about their work and include serene cinematic clips of the clean lined L shaped Atrium House in Valencia, Spain, designed by Fran Silvestre Navarro and his team. Architect Philipp Tschofen from Austria gives us a look at the innovative rural one room, glass, metal and wood draped addition he constructed for his family to augment the older cottage to which it is attached. The Brick House in Dublin is a small red brick abode that keeps design to the minimum and essential, while the 360 House is a visual contortionist at work, twisting a structural layout into a spiral home that more befits an exhibition space and thus explores the experimental edges of a definition for a house.

This issue pays homage to the simple, geometric structures showing us how small scale living can be at the same time very experimental, utilitarian and visually rewarding.



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